Vacants to Value $10K Booster Program Click here to find out how you can get $10,000 towards your downpayment and closing costs on a Dominion Home.

Good Neighbors Incentive $5,000 available to all City employees purchasing qualified Vacants to Value properties. For non-Vacants to Value properties the continuing Baltimore City Employee Homeownership Program provides $3,000 in home buying assistance in all city neighborhoods.

Live Near Your Work The City will match participating employers with up to $3,000 (total $6,000) when employees buy a qualified Vacants to Value property. Which employers participate?

Buying into Baltimore Neighborhood Tours $5,000 to the first fifty tour participants that purchase a V2V property within 90 days of the event. How do I sign up?

Community Development Block Grant $5,000 in home-buying assistance to low-income families. Buyers of V2V properties have priority in this program.

Newly Constructed Dwelling Property Tax Credit 50% reduction in property taxes to the first buyer of a newly constructed or substantially rehabilitated vacant home. Taxes reduce to 10% over 5 years. The property must have been vacant for one year and owned by the City and/or cited as vacant by the city.

State, Federal and Neighborhood Specific Incentives may apply to Vacants to Value home sales that include Maryland Mortgage Program (CDA Loans), Federal Home Loan Bank programs, Healthy Neighborhoods and Historic District tax credits.

Find out which Dominion Homes qualify for special incentives by clicking here!